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Re(1): Spain - for jsolo or others

Hi Chordo. The partidos seem to go from the beginning of July to the end of August with one final singles tournament (at Bizkia, Bilbao--on a short--30 meter court). If it works next year the way it worked this year there are two "companies".

1. Jai Alai World Tour (JAWT). This is the main "company" for South Basque (Spain) tournaments. They are not terribly reliable in terms of announcing their schedule ahead of time. The information they have is available at:


Cut and Paste

Contact info at:


Cut and Paste

Their tournaments run at about the same time as Internationaux Cesta Punta (ICP) and Gant-d'OR (see below under North Basque--France) and are held on the weekends. There is no online ticketing that I know of. Watch the main site "cartelera" for the schedules of the tournaments. This year they started July 6 and end Aug. 17. They do not run consecutively but there is action every weekend somewhere and many times in more than one place. Some are 8 team while some are 4 team tournaments. This year they have been played at Hossegor (France), Hondarribia, Markina-Xemien, Gernika, and Lekeito. There was also a one off at Mutriku. Last year, a new fronton opened at Zumaia (Goikoetxea's home town, I think) and they held a tournament there.

Again, JAWT schedule is the most difficult to follow so watch the web site and maybe contact them at the site above.

There is also one singles tournament at Bizkaia (Bilbao) in late August and early September. It is played on the 30 meter court there and is JAWT's attempt at spreading the game via short court tournaments.


Cut and paste

2. Cesta Punta Pro Tour. This is the main company for North Basque (France) tournaments.


Cut and paste.

This is made up of:

A. Internationaux Cesta Punta (St. Jean de Luz). They play matches on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Their competition is set up with an introductory tournament, then 4 Master tournaments, followed by a SLAM tournament that features the winners of the 4 Masters Tournaments (with possibly some other players if one player has won more than one Masters). There are 4 teams in each tournament. Semis are played on Tuesdays and Thursdays, with final the following Tuesday. The next Master semis are on Thursday and the next Tuesday, with the final the following Thursday. I don't think there are any breaks once they get started. ICP usually starts around July 1 and ends around Aug. 30. To see how it works this year see:


Cut and Paste.

To find out what the schedule will be next year see:


Cut and Paste

Bookmark this site, as they announce next year's schedule from here. They usually announce the Tournament well ahead of time, but there is a telephone contact if your Basque friends want to contact them earlier.

B. Gant D'Or (Biarritz). This tournament is usually held pretty much at the same time as ICP. It consists of two groups (A and B--4 teams in each) with a round robin within groups and then semis (1A v 2B and 1B v 2A) followed by a final. Unfortunately, they are not very good about announcing the tournament or the matches. This year the setup was ICPs on Tuesday and Thursday and Gant d'Or Mondays and Wednesdays.

For more contact information about Gant d'Or see:


Cut and Paste

There are several phone contacts on this page. Also notice that for both A. and B. tournaments above there is online ticketing.

There are occasionally other tournaments but I haven't found any for this summer.

As far as the players in each "company", there is a great deal of overlap. There are also usually several players from Dania and used to be from Miami.


There are also several short court Remonte and Pala tournaments throughout the South Basque (Spain) in the summer. For Pala see:




Tournaments are announced in "Noticias" and contacts (phone included) in "Contactos"

Long court (54 meter) Remonte is played every Tueday and Thursday afternoon beginning at 4:00 pm at Hernani--just outside Donastia (San Sebastian).


The nice thing about the Pala and Remonte as that they are very inexpensive and in some cases free of charge. Hernani charges 20 euros last time I looked.

One other thing that may be of interest. In France, every year, about the second week in August, the Federation Francais de Pelote Basque (FFPB) holds its "Grand Semaine". There is a senior national competition held for Grand Chistera (outdoor Jai Alai, usually 3 pelotari teams on an 80-100 meter court, no helmets--Portet played in a Grand Chistera tournament in 2016). Also Joko Garbi (direct ancestor of Jai Alai), if you are interested in ancestor games. GC has been played at Pau, Bayonne, Bidart in the past. JG in many places.



I hope this helps you.

I would love to take a trip to the Basque Country and take in as many modalities as I can, but espcially the Jai Alai. As I'm sure you know there is Mano and Main Nue all over the place all the time.

If there is anything else I can assist with, please don't hesitate to ask.



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