Let's take a better look beyond the storybook

She saw him jump before turning to look at her with wide eyes and she felt a bit bad for scaring him. She truly hadn't meant to. She looked down, slightly embarrassed for just appearing the way she had, gently rubbing the toe of her shoe along the dirt. "Um. I came from outside the wall! I'm sorry for scaring you. I really didn't mean to!" She spoke in a soft voice, amber eyes looking up to him from beneath long lashes.

A small hand moves up to brush amber locks back from her face as she peeks over to Chi before looking back to the boy. She smiles softly as he addresses her wold before turning his attention to her.

He introduces himself to her and she gives him a bright smile. "My name is Gracelynn! It's a pleasure to meet you Prince Loholt." She gave him a small curtsy before her eyes widened. "Wait! You are a real life prince? That's amazing!" She said with a gentle excitement in her voice. She had never met a real life prince before! It was just like what she read in her storybooks.

She beamed up at him as he spoke again, giving a soft nod. "Oh, it's no problem, Prince. Chi used to be really sad when he lost his favorite toy and I wouldn't want Mr. Mort to lose his ball.

She watched the boy interact with the dog, casting a glance towards the hole she had come in through. Should she leave the Prince and his dog to play?

She was just about to wander back towards the hole, when he spoke again. A soft laugh left her lips as she nodded. "Chi isn't a climber either. Would it really be okay if we stayed to play for a few minutes? I'm new here and haven't been able to meet anyone besides Fay-Fay and Mr. C. She bounced on her feet, nervous that he would take back his invitation to play with her.

they say there are linings made of silver
folded in every raining cloud.

image by Naletu at Unsplash.com html by Fenn


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