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This year has been a bumper year for hummingbirds in my yard. I have doubled my feeders this year and change the 1part sugar to 4 parts water mixture every two to three weeks depending on how hot it has been and how fast they drink it. Don't want the liquid mixture to ferment into something else.... There are up to six hummers at one time fighting for their turn at the feeders mostly during mornings and dusk. This year I added a oriole feeder and bought the orange citric flavoured mixture which from spring time when they arrive have been regular visitor's along with some bees aswell as the hummingbirds which suprised me. During this spring and summer I noticed their mating rituals especially the males U shaped dives and a screeching buzzing noise when there is a female nearby. As the summer continued the hummer visitations to our red Salvia,blue Salvia flower beds and especially to the Rose of Sharon trumpet flower shrub that has had the most flowers ever since it was planted 7 years ago.It has been getting nasty here with some aggressive males chasing off other hummers that get too close to the feeders. A male will sit in a nearby lilac tree perched at end of a stem and literally dive bomb the unsuspecting visitors. Talk about evasive actions from both hummers. One just yesterday buzzed my head merely inches away, one hovered about a foot away from my face, hovering right in front as to say I know you are there or maybe just a hello. All in all they are a enjoyable group to watch and study along with the other 40 or so bird species that we have seen from our yard and deck.

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