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We have learned from AIPA that our KBE colleague Arthur Marr passed away today, Tuesday September the 25th aged 63.

Arthurís aviation career commenced in 1970 when he joined the RAAF as a radio technician before becoming a Flight Engineer on the C130 in 1981. He joined Qantas as a Flight Engineer in July 1987 and then re-trained as a pilot in 1991. He was a Second Officer on the B767 then transferred, as a First Officer, to the B737 for five years. He returned to the B767 as a First Officer and in 2002 he moved to the B747-400 from which he retired in August 2015.

KBE extends its deepest sympathy to Arthurís wife Mary, daughter Rebecca and sons Anthony and David.

Funeral details will be advised as soon as known.


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