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Re(3): Typo in Dania results for Sat mat 9-22 g 12

I primarily am a horseplayer or at least, started out that way. Got my start back in the seventies when my Dad and I started going to River Downs after seeing this horse named Secretariat on the television. We didn't have much money (a condition I still, lamentably, suffer from, LOL) so I was on my own betting wise. My Dad was always betting longshots every race hoping for "big balloons" but I deployed a different strategy. I began noticing that the separate WPS pools often were not in synch. I needed "sure" things for bets so I concentrated on the favs that were underbet in the place and show pools in regards to their win odds. Many times I'd have a winning place bet that paid almost as much as a win ticket or a show bet that paid more than the place did. My Dad was never impressed as he ran around trying to cash in on a 20-1 or more horse as I studied the money board looking for bargains so as not to blow my meager allowance (60 cents a week my Grandma gave us kids). You're right about $3 not being worth near as much now as it did when Sensei wrote his book (late seventies). Back then losing $2 used to make me feel like I had been punched in the gut as it was over 3 weeks allowance or half a grass cutting or snow shoveling job. Checking dollar inflation evaluators shows that $3 in 1978 is the equivalent of at least $11.60 today. Putting a $3 dollar wager into a jai alai exacta pool today would certainly put the kibosh on your payout, you are so right. Anyways the 1980's came along and my attention turned to college, booze, pot, tail and getting into all sorts of trouble, this left little time for the ponies (especially when you're locked up). So it is ironic that jai alai and dog racing helped turn me back into a horseplayer in the 1990's.

Spring break 1991. I got myself invited along with a bunch of college kids (one was my girlfriend) to Clearwater. I had never been to the dog races or a jai alai fronton but I had heard about them somehow. So I dragged those kids to Derby Lane and the fronton on South Dale Mabry (I don't know how I knew they were there or how to get there in those pre-internet days). The kids loved the dogs especially since my handicapping made us a good little chunk of dough that night. Jai alai was a different matter. I had bought a program to peruse before we sat down but it gave no clue as to the rules of the game and the kids were getting restless. So I went back to the program seller and told her of my dilemma and she handed me a booklet entitled "World Jai-Alai ABC's" (I still have it as well as the program). Fortified with this information I was able to explain to the kids what was going on so as to stop their urges to exit the building post haste. Being unsure of my handicapping I defaulted to place and show bets based on the WPS records of the various players. There was no money board to see so it was happenstance when I put a place bet on a guy in a singles match who ended up paying double what he would have paid to win. This helped hook me as well as the exciting play alas it did not have the same effect on the kids who soon wanted to leave to go get drunk at the beachfront. This got the betting fever back into my blood, so to speak and upon return to Cincinnati, it was time to look the ponies up once again as there was no frontons or dog races to be found. This is what led me to start buying horse racing books and to immerse myself in the horse racing gambling jargon that I spit out in my posts. The next time I saw the inside of a fronton was 2002 in Orlando for part of a matinee performance (managed to get lost on the way there, oops). The next time was at Dania in February 2017 this was after I found Watch and Wager in the spam buffer of my email account in May of 2016. I was about to delete the message (I already had other betting accounts for horse and dog betting) when the word jai alai caught my eye. Well one thing leads to another so here I am "talking" to you on a jai alai forum. This has all been a round about way for me to say that I am a rookie at this game compared to basically everyone on this forum. I don't feel qualified to critique Sensei's writing unless it pertains to odds or WPS betting. I would not feel comfortable contradicting anyone on this board's appraisal of Dania or its players. Magic City is a different matter (I've been there since the beginning LOL). I also do not feel qualified to comment on trifecta play as I have hardly ever played them. Exacta and quinella play are merely an adjunct to place betting for me when I am betting seriously and something to do when I am merely trying to have "good time" with the family at the track. Sorry if I have gone far afield with this comment. You seemed interested in my horse racing comments so I thought I'd fill you on where I am coming from (besides a suburb north of Cincinnati LOL).

This Benny Bueno seems to be as sharp as a tack in more ways than one. His comments on how to watch a game are exactly how the horse racing pros tell you to watch a horse race. Don't simply watch the horse you have bet on, take in the whole field, how they set to begin with, watch for all their movements during the race especially on the turns, was there any trouble during the race, this will give you invaluable insights on how the various horses will perform in the future.

Finally you are so right about how the spread of handicapping info kills its value. Way back when, I had read Beyer's book on picking winners and complied my own crude version of his speed figures. It landed me on many horses with superior figs going off at big odds. Then they went and put them in the Daily Racing Form in the early nineties and there went the value. Its one saving grace was I didn't have to put all that time into making them myself anymore but I really didn't mind as I was paid well to do so LOL.


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