I don't bring peace.


The slight hint of a smirk plays along the edges of his lips as the king speaks, their eyes meeting in a devious union. "You know I enjoy being busy." His hand moves, a quick flick of the wrist is all it takes for the book to vanish into thin air. A rumble shakes the foundation of the floor as the beast beyond rolls over. It is in the small moments such as this that he is reminded how lucky he is to have such a small dragon. His hand moves to gently run over the spiny line of Morrigan's back and tail before settling his hand back upon his knee.

He listens as the king speaks, his eyes focused upon his lips as they move, reading them even as he listens to the words. "Your little bird wants to fly beyond her cage. She thinks the little prince will allow her to roam the blue skies, but she knows little of the predators that roam those same carefree winds. His words hold no true emotion, just a logical train of thought melded into rational words.

His eyes close for a brief moment before his hand reaches into the air beside him, drawing out the small figure of a golden bird. He moves to set it down upon the table with a small thud even as the kind speaks again. At the words regarding the Lady Ana, Wyvern reaches back into his secret space, drawing out a black raven to add to the table. "Always, Your Highness. It seems I may have to make her acquaintance soon. Not as your beast, though. No need to frighten the birds."

Mismatched eyes follow the king's movements as he stands, crossing the floor back towards the table where the wine rested. He had learned long ago to keep a drink nearby for when the king sought his company. However, it was only recently that his tastes had changed, leaning more towards his brother's palate. He just hoped his heart never softened like his brother's as well.

He begins to speak again, bringing Wyvern's eyes to his lips again. The words that the king speaks cause a brow to quirk in curiousity. "Guy Penry..." He tastes the name upon his tongue, tucking away the flavor for another day. "What do the superiors know of him? Any crucial details?" His words are even and cool as he speaks, a pen and paper finding their way into his slender hands.

When Mordred lowers himself back into the seat before him, Murphy's eyes catch the smile that crosses the king's face. "Your trust in me means a lot, your Highness. I am humbled yet unworthy to be considered as close as your family. He pauses a moment, sinking back into his chair. "I can manage all of this and more. Each one will be handled with the utmost care and importance." His hands come up, fingertips meeting in a steeple. "Where do you want me to begin?" He can feel Morrigan stirring beside him, drawn to the sounds of adventure.


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