Abject apology

I wish to apologise to anyone who was displeased with The Albert quiz. I had prepared a quiz that guaranteed 64 all draws in every fixture but the rest of them sneered at such philanthropy and I was shouted down with cries of 'There's no room for any Francis of Assisi here'. Then the three of them (Ashton, Jeremy and Eveline) spent all evening considering whether rounds on ITMA and Much Binding In The Marsh would go down well and shouting 'Can I do you now sir? at each other. I am now reduced to being a mere puppet; a front to disguise their evil intent. I am prepared to provide you with their addresses if you wish to take things further but be careful if you approach Eveline's gaff as she is itching to try out the sawn off shotgun she took off a gunman during a robbery in the Super Market across the road.


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