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Life in a Time Machine, etc.

Loving the new album, as well as the appealing packaging, Martin. There is so much great music to enjoy. ‘The Children of Waterloo Square’ brings back so many lovely memories. Being ‘of a certain age’ myself, it so cleverly reminded me of all the things that have come into being since the war which I had quite forgotten about... things which people take for granted these days. I can remember my family being the first to have a TV in our street, and all the neighbours’ kids would come in to watch this three channel (?) wondrous invention on a regular basis. My dear Mum used to make toffee apples for them all. And we all took food rationing as the norm, never having known anything else. A one-inch square of cheese was a real treat!

I’m fascinated as to how you are able to turn ‘Track of the Day’ into so many different expressions (as you often do on Facebook). Saturday’s was just brilliant, and reflected the ‘personality’ of the song so well!

I listened in on your young bruv at Colne Radio earlier and enjoyed what I heard. It reminded me of something I keep meaning to ask: I sometimes listen in on your Friday morning recordings, and am always left to wonder what that lovely piece of music is that you play between each. It’s somehow so familiar. I feel it might be from one of your songs. Can you please enlighten? Thanks.


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