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PI Boot Camp is totally different from the summer of 1947. Iwas reminded of how missing was Sgt Menard one of my DI's . HE was a WW 2 vet and quasi alcoholic and mean as can be when sober. He would leave the slop chute ( it was a base beer hall for NCO at PI> and come wake us up about 2230 and make us do things like run around the barracks out side carrying our footlockers. and drilled us in the sun way beyond any safe limit as sometimes a boot would collapse and he restrict the use of a canteen. On hindsight he had a napoleonic complex ( he was short) and was slightly insane. The training was hard - no blacks or women of course it was before Truman did away with segregation the only thing helped me through I was skinny and fit and could endure the heat and blended into the others and avopided the hits of large swagger sticks and kicks and punches. There was a psychological mental stress thing to PI boot camp in the days after WW 2. MY rack Mate was going to cut his trigger finger off to get a medical discharge. I suggested him to wet his bed at night which he did and was given a discharge due to mental problems. better that he never becanme a Marine. He could not hack it. I have all my life carry a scar on me inside left leg behind my knee from a missed kick to my rear that caught the rear of my leg bend and tore some skin.
Bled quit a bit but had to keep doing the training


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