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Re(2): Le Conte's Sparrow at Bowles Alvar

I found a new area with about 400 acres of alvar habitat two years ago while working on nesting sites of Canada Jay in Simcoe County. At first it will only what I call Bowles Alvar south but this spring when working one night on nighthawk and whip-poor-will reports, I found a second area of alvar which I call Bowles Alvar north. There is no records or reports of this alvar area on the west side of Lake Dalrymple in Simcoe County nortwest of Brechin and south of Udney. It is on the north and south side of the end of con 7 of Ramara township.

Bowles Alvar Outline Map by Bob Bowles - The Dragonhunter, on Flickr


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