"Can China and the U.S. Avoid War?"

I've just finished reading an article entitled as above in the December issue of the Naval Institute Proceedings. (See below link).
After plowing through the eight-page article twice(!), I was still unable to come up with a good solid summary of the points the author was trying to make.

The main thing I got from his article was that the subject was a complex one and that the U.S. would have to re-look at its current approach to dealing with China.
The closest I could come to figuring out the main point that the author was trying to make was that China is increasing its economic dominance in the world, particularly since the U.S. has backed off from its international dominance in the name of "Nationalism".
And that if we don't re-engage China diplomatically and economically world-wide, our erstwhile European and Asian Allies will be looking to China to take on the leading role.

He referenced a recent speech by Vice President Pence as representing an important example of the new situation existing between China and the U.S.---but then he didn't say anything about what was in the speech!.
So, I dredged up the below article, (https://www.vox.com/2018/10/4/17936514/pence-china-speech-text-hudson), which pretty much lays out what was in Pence's speech.

With respect to an actual war breaking out between China and the U.S., I think the most likely situation where this might erupt would be in the South China Sea, where China is pushing the boundaries of its sovereignty in the area, and where the U.S. is challenging China's doing this by our Naval activity in the area .
However, as pointed out in my comment in a string on Page five entitled "Chinese Navy" (See below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKKMEDSGi6I), the U.S. Navy currently dominates the Chinese Navy to such a degree that I think it is highly unlikely that China would attempt to take on our Navy in that area, even with its use of land-based missiles.

[If anyone could give a simple breakdown of the Proceedings article, I would appreciate hearing it.]

"Can China and the U.S. Avoid War?""


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