Re(2): "Can China and the U.S. Avoid War?"

The silliest sentence in this article—which wanders all over the international spectrum—begins “The Chinese public has begun to demand…” No, no, no-no-no! The author, the Honorable Kevin Rudd has many questions, few answers. I’ve seldom had to force my mini-brain to absorb what the hell he’s trying to say in his verbosity. His central theme—supposedly in the title—goes unanswered as he gets mired in so many side thoughts that it becomes a jumbled mess of unanswered questions. Articles like this are incendiary nonsense.

For certain China is challenging us in the global economy. They are in the midst of targeting our trade advantage in Central and South America, but it’s been our shortsighted trade policy that’s allowed them to do it. Also, we’re politically divided, which means that Trump’s “nationalistic foreign policy” will be overturned or significantly modified by subsequent elections. Meanwhile, China’s foreign policy remains constant for the foreseeable future. If there's a war, we'll blunder into it. But don't most start that way? As has been said, the Chinese play chess, while we play poker. Lotsa luck.


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