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until the sidewalk ends and the truth begins pt. 1

Name: Rede ("The Tapir")
Biological Sex: Male
Hair Color: Grey
Eye Color: Grey-Green
Skin Tone: Medium Brown
Wings: Illusion (Rainbow Shark)
Rede's wings appear to be made up of thousands of tiny rainbow shark, the largest no more than 2 inches long. They appear to be perpetually swimming and, since they're just illusions, don't react to their surroundings or anything like that; they do sometimes change directions for no reason though.
Physical & Neuro-Diversity:
Corneal Cloudiness (minor)

Detailed Appearance: Rede currently resembles a small, young Southeast Asian child, probably about five years old. He's commonly seen wearing an outfit like this/this except with a yellow hat.
Personality: Very lazy, somewhat territorial, no idea how to human. Illiterate, cannot read or write and forgets he doesn't have telepathy like 90% of the time.
Age: Infinite.
Gender: Largely agender or gender-fluid as a result of being a shapeshifting god since... forever. He also doesn't understand society very well so he's not likely to make decisions because of social factors; he currently refers to himself using the royal "they/we".
Sexual/Romantic Orientation: Currently asexual/too "young" (physically) to be interested. As an adult/typically he has a low relatively low libido and could take or leave this kind of intimacy but he enjoys physical affection and does have some interest in romance and companionship. He has no sexual or gender preferences for partners.
Familiar: Sobacho, a small Bluefin Gurnard. Gender unknown (it's a fish... hahaha)
Multi-lingual - from my bank
Shapeshifting (tapir) - from this update

Sample to follow!


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