Re(5): Trump's Approval Rating

I conclude from the above comments that while you guys are basically in support of "Trumpism", you are not necessarily fully in support of Trump, himself.

In this regard.
When I was in the doctor's office today, I read a lengthy Time Magazine opinion piece, entitled "How Trumpism will Outlast Trump". (See below-linked, lengthy, article).
[I think that most, if not all, of my Time Magazine reading occurs in the doctor's office].

Here are some excerpts:

“..'Trump is a lightning rod’, Azerrad says. 'He arouses such strong passions, and there’s so much about him people don’t like that it makes it hard to look beyond him to get to the truth, both to the ideas he has–and he does have ideas–and also to the currents he’s tapped into.’ Most agree with Azerrad’s prediction about Trumpism. 'I don’t think there’s going to be a return to normal once he leaves.’ "

And what are Trump’s ideas? 'A combination of nationalism and populism' or 'right-wing nationalist populism,' says Azerrad, well aware they’re loaded terms, especially given Trump’s compulsion to sow discord. But suppose they can be put to more constructive use?
That’s the hope of these conservatives. .."

“..The larger question about the post-Trump right is whether they will take their ideas all the way. Are they seriously looking to take the best of Trump and rebuild the party into what Bannon and others say would be a right-wing 'workers’ party', whose core principle is economic populism? If they are, this places them directly at odds with decades of GOP doctrine–and against their party’s current leadership and donor base.

“..The nearest thing to a prophet of the new movement is Michael Lind, who in the peak Reagan years was one of the right’s most promising young thinkers. But in the 1990s, Lind broke away, mystified that conservatives had let themselves become front men for the GOP, blindly plunging into the moat of supply-side economics. Reaganism created the new Gilded Age, and it is what led ultimately to the revolt under Trump of the Republican base in 2016.."

How Trumpism Will Outlast Trump


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