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The tournament began Dec. 14 and will end with a final Dec. 28. The Dec. 28 final is scheduled to be televised on EITB. If and when it becomes available on demand, I will point to it. Note: singles matches are played in sets--two sets to 12 and a tie breaker, if necessary, to 5.

The Tournament so far:

Dec. 14: Quarter Finals

Aimar (Aldazabal) defeated (Jokin) Arbe 2-1 (10-12; 12-9; 5-3)
(Christophe) Ohla defeated (Jean) Olharan 2-1 (7-12; 12-10; 5-4)

Dec. 21: Semi-Finals

(Imanol) Lopez defeated Olha 2-0 (12-6; 12-10)
(Inaki) Goikoetxea defeated Aimar 2-0 (12-5; 12-5)

Dec. 28:

3rd Place: Aimar v Ohla
Final: Goikoetxea v Lopez

Both Goiko and Lopez are from Zumaia.


The Tournament so far can be followed at the Jai Alai World Tour website. Below are match stories so far (en Espanol), translations come from Google Translate.

December 13:


Cut and paste:

The local forward Iñaki Goikoetxea main candidate for the title

Yesterday afternoon the INDIVIDUAL that will close the professional puntista season appeared in the fronton Aitzuri de Zumaia. As a climax to the JAI ALAI WORLD TOUR 2018, returning to the long fronton, six high level punters will try to succeed Imanol López on the cusp. The current champion will be present in a competition that will be played in his hometown.
A priori, Imanol will not be the favorite to win the tournament but to be in the 'pomade'. The main candidate for the title will be another Zumaiarra, the most successful Iñaki Goikoetxea. Along with the two main stars, (Jokin) Arbe, Aimar (Aldazabal), (Christophe) Olha and (Jean) Olharan will be the ones who complete the sextet of competitors.
This Saturday will be the kick-off. The semifinals will take place on December 21 while the final is scheduled for the 28th of this month.


Dec. 14:


Cut and Paste


Arbe, Aimar, Olha and Olharan struggle to reach the semifinals in which they expect Goikoetxea and López

The Aitzuri fronton of Zumaia is tomorrow the stage of the first function of the INDIVIDUAL that will encumber the best singlist of 2018. The locality of the two maximum exponents of the Basket Punta current Goikoetxea and Lopez, who wait in semis, hosts two parties as uncertain as attractive . Arbe and Aimar opted for a victory that would bring them a subsequent duel against the almighty 'Goiko', while Olha and Olharan seek the prelude to the final against Imanol Lopez.
Perhaps Aimar and Olharan are presented as light favorites but should give their best version to reach the semifinals. Four aggressive strikers who know very well the secrets of hand to hand can give a good show. The festival starts at 7:00 p.m. as it will happen in the next two functions of December 21 and 28.


Dec. 15:


Cut and Paste


The Berriatua has suffered to break Arbe while Olha has surprised Olharan by the minimum

The Aitzuri front of Zumaia has hosted this afternoon the first Invididual show with two duels that have proved as brilliant as they are exciting. In the first Aimar has defeated Arbe but not before suffering a lot, very much. Markina-Xemein's little devil has beaten Aimar the first set 12-10. In the second, Aimar has worked hard and has been able to tie the contest with a partial 9-12. In the tiebreaker, the favorite has managed to stay in competition by defeating his 'friend' 3-5. Play against Goikoetxea.
In the second match, with even more equality, the favorite Olharan has fallen to Olha. Pau striker, first and favorite, has started the duel with a clairvoyant 12-7 but then everything has been truncated. Olha has returned to show his best version to leave the duel in tables 10-12 and face with guarantees the tiebrake. On a flip side, the score 4-5 has favored Olha who will play against Lopez.


Dec. 20:


Cut and Paste


Goikoetxea and Lopez enter the scene tomorrow in the semifinals of the Individual (19: 00h.) That take place in the Aitzuri de Zumaia

The time has come for the two maximum exponents of the current Punta Basket to give the chest. They also have to do it at home and before their fans who will wrap them up in the race to the Individual title.
The Aitzuri front of Zumaia hosts tomorrow the semifinals of the individual championship in which Goikoetxea is the main favorite, I feel Lopez who has more options to surprise his countryman. Both are favorites in their respective semifinals but in the first game, always with doubts on the part of those who enter, scares are usually the order of the day. Lopez will open the show (7:00 p.m.) facing Olha who already knocked out Olharan's prognosis last Saturday. The Zumaia defender should not be surprised but the first measures of the match will be vital. After that, he will jump on the field in the main candidate for the title, Iñaki Goikoetxea. The berritxuarra Aimar will be his rival who, with nothing to lose, will risk in order to inconvenience the champion.


Dec. 21:


Cut and Paste


The favorites have not failed and will face next Friday in the Aitzuri of their hometown Zumaia

The Aitzuri fronton of Zumaia has witnessed the triumph of his two jewels in the semifinals of the Individual. Lopez has beaten Olha 12-6, 12-10 while Goikoetxea has done the same with Aimar 12-5, 12-5. Both have been superior despite the final troubles of Zumaia's fullback in the second set due to the boldness and accuracy of Olha that had tied at 10-10 after being left behind 10-4.

Goikoetxea for its part has not given any option to Aimar. The latter has started sending 0-2 but with a partial 10-0 the powerful local striker has left his mark. At the end 12-5 in both sets, giving an image of impressive power. On Friday the most desired final.


Dec. 27:


Cut and Paste


Goikoetxea and López compete in their hometown for the prized individual title

The Aitzuri fronton of Zumaia closes the puntista season tomorrow. He will do it in a big way, not in vain to compete for the individual title the two most glittering stars of the town. Goikoetxea and Lopez, the two maximum exponents of the Punta Basket of the last decade, opt for an award that Imanol López holds after his title of last season but his rival is the most successful as 'singlista'.
Goikoetxea did not compete last season but in this edition he is the top favorite to reach his eleventh Individual title. It is with a lot of game and desire to return to reign the specialty. This year again is played in long fronton, something claimed by the puntista family. Lopez wants to curb the power of his countryman but as seen in the semifinals will have it complicated. Class will spare both of you. There can be a great ending. In the previous, Aimar and Olha opt for the third place.


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