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Past Concerns - Shirts Hairy

Hi All,
The topic of Shirts Hairy or Coarse (to give the shirt some respect) I feel needs airing! In the past Regimental enemies used the ‘Occasion to reflect on the Commanding Officer as if he were to bear the 'Blame of the Injustice done to the Soldiers of his Regiment’. To calm feelings throughout the military, an advertisement was placed in the newspapers. This described the steps taken by the Commanding Officer to set up an enquiry to investigate the supply and quality of the Shirts Coarse (Hairy), this found that ‘the soldiers had been very much abused’, and that he had ordered the burning of the remaining garments. ‘In the mean Time, the Commanding Officer ordered two Shirts to be made of good Linen-Cloth for each Soldier’. He also ordered that all the old clothing was to remain the property of each soldier. Was this not simply compounding the issue by giving a free Coarse shirt to a sensitive soldier ha ha? Where you one of those sensitive soldiers who saw service whilst wearing uncomfortable shirts! Any thoughts or do you feel itchy at the thought? Les -Happy 2019 to you all!!!


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