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Re(3): New Recruits

Dear all,
Minus 10 in Poland last night and plenty of snowflakes folks!
I spent yesterday thinking of how a potential Army recruit might write his cover application letter to CAPITA recruiting set-up whilst viewing one of the
new recruiting posters! . Luckily, I knew just what a potential new recruit might say in his application. “I like to think of myself as a me, me, me millennial,” I wrote. “Friends would describe me as the class clown and a selfie-addicted snowflake a product of Generation Z. Hobbies include sitting up all night playing video games” or I'm a Tree Hugger or Bingo Caller with few prospects. My point is who on earth would write a letter to MoD insulting themselves in this manner but that is exactly what this recruiting campaign implies IMO - only the military could think of such a ploy! Unbelievable! Les


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