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Replacement of the Regimental Abbreviation ‘RRF’ by ‘FUSILIERS ‘

Replacement of the Regimental Abbreviation ‘RRF’ by ‘FUSILIERS ‘

Regimental Direction. The Colonel of the Regiment has directed that the Regiment is to stop using RRF as the abbreviated title for the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers and has directed that the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers will now be abbreviated to the FUSILIERS.

Background. Across Defence the use of the abbreviated Regimental title RRFis confusing as it is often not understood as representing a regiment in the Army orbat. It is interpreted by many as the shortened title of the Royal Air Force (RAF).

Furthermore, with the 2006 amalgamation of other Fusilier Regiments (Royal Welch Fusiliers, Royal Highland Fusiliers) to form The Royal Welsh and the Royal Regiment of Scotland, the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers are now the only active Army Regiment with Fusiliers in the title. This makes the Fusiliers a distinctive title which is only applicable to the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers.

Implementation. The staffing of request to change the titles from RRF to FUSILIERS is in process however, the Colonel of The Regiment wishes to effect the change now across the Regiment. Therefore, the initial direction is that the change will apply to all Regimental correspondence both internal and external from 1 Feb 19 whilst we wait for the staffing process to officially sanction the change.

Usage. All members of the Regiment should note the following:

The full title of the Regiment remains: The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers.

The following abbreviations are to be used:

FUSILIERS– to be used by members of the Regiment when referring to the entity of the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers or for instance in a DO letter.

1 FUSILIERS– to be used by members of the Regiment serving with the 1st Battalion and in correspondence when referring to the 1st Battalion.

5 FUSILIERS– to be used by members of the Regiment serving with the 5th Battalion and in correspondence when referring to the 5th Battalion.

Please note that the Regiment is defined asall serving regular and reserve personnel, all veterans and all cadets, badged Fusilier (ACF and CCF)


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