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happening right now
Capture loose shamanimals, no time limit
Complete missions for King Tristan, open time frame
Complete missions for King Mordred, open time frame
Cash in a favour, no time limit
Enjoy Love Island, open time frame
Complete a 10 year challenge, open time frame
Celebrate Rhaegar's wedding, open time frame

Discord Party: Wednesday 21st August
open posts
Claim points for being the first to reply!

Draco on Love Island, +65 points
Memphis on Love Island, +55 points
Deor at Laketon-on-the-moor, +20 points
Izira in Laketon-on-the-moor, +5 points
Harlow in Laketon-on-the-moor, +5 points
Dracerdis in Kingswood Forest, +5 points

Click here to find the perfect character to write with!

Time in Britain

2 bronze & 2 gold?

+5 tickets (Bronze) for adding 5 animals to the DB

+ 1 ticket (Bronze) for a post under 800 words
Olive to Grayson @ LI (545 words)

+ 1 ticker & +1 chosen pot item (Gold) completing a post 800 - 1200 words (1/3 claims)
Birch to Aspelta @ OW (1778 words)

Can we add a Baby Coupon to the pot? :)

+1 ticket & 1 chosen pot item (Gold) for swallowing the frog (if this counts?) by bringing Birch back into play, figuring out a template/layout for my player board & organized them, wrote my first post in awhile (and actually did a pretty long one to boot!) and I also worked on my novel and did a rewrite on my novel, adding/editing/combining for a grand total of 1565 words (FROM MY CELL PHONE!).

If it counts, can we add an Extra Large Gift Card to the pot?

    • 4 bronze 2 silver -
      • x -
    • Freeeee -
      • x -
    • Freebies -
      • x -
    • Freebies for the fox! -
      • x -
    • Freebies! -
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    • freeeeeebs -
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    • claiming freebies! -
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    • claiming freebies -
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