big update

*** I'm breaking down this large update into smaller more manageable updates, i'll strike out completed ones, in the end i'll reference back to here to finish point bundle updates and selling of things since I've already accepted offers and some bundles have been opened (received more since this update). Didn't want anyone to feel obligated to try and update all of this if i referenced back and also have since wanted further updates.

To Syrin:
- Blue Crystal Grizzly Bear from my bank (Female, name is Shimmer)
can I use my pet appearance alternation to change the color blue to lilac if possible?
- I'd also like to purchase the power Lullaby for her.

updated: 5/15/19

To Grayson
- Dragonskin armor from bank
- trade out the regular horse named Eon for the two headed horse in my bank? (Male, Left: Eon, Right: Epoch)

updated: 5/22/19

To Declan:
- He has 3 coins I'd like to trade in for the following: Teleportation, Reverse Teleportation, and Fake Death
- Use one of the coins in my bank to also give him the power of Stun

Updated: 5/28/19

To Larka:
- Magic Quiver Arrow from my bank
- Apply Buddhist Pet to Karr

Updated: 5/28/19

To Volta:
- Light Weapon, Light Construct, Pallas' Cat mimicry, and Pallas' Cat pet (fur reflects weather) from my bank
(Pallas' Cat: male, Ray)

Other Stuff:
- Sell Otter Fur from my bank
- Sell Pallas' Cat Tail from my bank
- Can I open all 11 point bundles and bank the points please?
Revised Update: -

All the things being removed from my bank:
- Crystal Grizzly Bear Pet
- Pallas' Cat Pet (fur reflects weather)
- two headed horse
- Buddhist Pet
- Pet Appearance Alteration
- x1 Dragonskin Armor
- Magic Quiver Arrow
- Pallas' Cat Mimicry
- Light Weapon
- Light Construct
- $1,800 for power
- Otter Fur, Pallas' Cat Tail in exchange for Doubloons
- 11 Point bundles for actual points
- 3 Coins from Declan
- 1 coin from bank

Added to bank:
+ Points from Point Bundle
+ Doubloons from Selling Powers

i think that is it? Let me know if it isn't clear enough!

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