Esirya, The Whisperer
An intense young woman often seen loitering in the shipyard taverns. She's a sly, sneaky little minx with a sharp ear and a sharper mind. If you're looking for shady dealings, hot rumors, or dangerous adventures, Esirya's a good place to start - if you've got the coin. But beware, Esirya didn't get to where she is now by being afraid to shed some blood when the time calls for it; how else do you think she's managed to stay alive so long, doing what she does?

Esirya appears rather ambiguous in age, being small and animated with long reddish-silver hair and bright green eyes. She'd be drop-dead gorgeous if it weren't for the nasty scar occupying the left side of her face - some say it was a dog that did it, or maybe a wolf, while others mutter it was actually a daring human; either way, Esirya will proudly claim that she killed the beast so "all's well that ends well, dontcha think?". It might even be a mark left by her very own familiar, a Lynx every bit as cunning and fearsome as his fairy. Esirya has only one wing, a tattered black one resembling a crow's; the other was torn off in battle, leaving only a pale white bone, making her flightless.

Esirya has a wide variety of magical talents and may have already found her ren, but that would be telling, wouldn't it?

Hope she's okay!

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