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Re(2): Publicity D F R B

Can anyone remember the actual date. Rember when Gough Whitlam was P.M. and the Govt. Had to pay Trhty Hassaham Khemlen back that Gough borrowed from him. The Labour Govt had no money ( usual) so Gough was only going to pay us only 75% of our wages. This failed as the Public Service Union said Full pay or no work.. Gough then altered the old D F R B to the new D F R Death B to keep our money coming in The money owed to the Pakistani Crude oil merchant is not known to be paid..... The full recording of all this was found ""Cabinet Papers The Whitlam Years, but now have bee put on Cabinet Archives which is a bit difficult to acess as you are require the precise item.you are looking for. This action would be a normal action for Gough.


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