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Thanks so much for the feedback Craig. I had no idea Ibon played in early games today. I didn't look at the entries (goofup on my part) but I didn't conceive the Adopt a Puntista idea until this afternoon. Even if I had looked at the entries, I would have missed it. To do this seriously, as you say, I would have to watch 12 games a performance. That's longer than a baseball game, and a bit of a bridge too far for me. I didn't even look at Dania until I thought it was about the 7th game. I hit that one on the head today. So I will miss some of the stuff like that because I don't have the stamina.

As far as the why, I'm still a babe in the woods learning these games. The best I could come up with today was that it looked like he was trying to work on his kind of low, line drive chic-chac/chula attempts and he was just off the mark. It is such a precise and difficult shot, but I read lots of people talking about him nailing these shots last week, so I was looking in particular for that. I was also surprised that he seemed to have pretty "stone" hands a la Dick Stuart, the old Pirates 1st baseman who was known for his terrible glove (there, that dates me pretty good, huh?). It surprised me that he dropped a couple of simple ones, as I pay more attention to the partidos. He looks reliable in those. But, as long as you're asking, it seems to me he reaches to catch a lot of balls. Is that because it's just his style, or does he need a timing mechanism to really crank the throws, or is it something else? I know it is pretty hard, if not impossible to catch the pelota away from the body with two hands on the cesta. Should he be getting to it more quickly, or is it just a style that (obviously) works for him? They don't ask mediocre players to the Summer partidos.

Anyway, I feel that I don't know enough to answer the why questions. But the what questions, I figure, will give my audience, in this case a board with vast experience, enough of a picture to make some conclusions. I don't know if +4 -3 in 17 points for the individual, along with being on the right end of 9 points and the wrong end of 8 translates into 3 ITMs regularly or not. Quiniela Jai Alai is incredibly complex, if you ask me. I watch exclusiveley partidos in the other BP sports I cover in the blog. In all of them, you have a chance to watch strategies develop, rhythm come into it, emotion, player's body language, etc. But Dania is a complete mystery to me.

Your comments on "Monday morning" are very insightful, as are also the comments about players'ability to perform well all the time. The ex-Test and domestic English Criketer Ed Smith has written a lot of stuff about stuff like that. Cricketers have a lot of time to think, and Smith took advanced degrees in History at Cambridge. You might be interested


Will link to directly below.

Anyway, I used the time before Ibon was supposed to play to finally fill in the blanks with respect to who has the most wins in a performance the most times this season. It's not complete because Dania has lost the info for about 6 or 7 performances, but pretty close. The list is probably what you'd expect, but interesting nonetheless.


Cut and Paste.

And thanks again for taking the time to help me learn more about the game.



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