Gk is right

The entire system needs revamped. It will be interesting to see what happens in June if a new ceo is named. We didnít get to this point over night. I do believe with an aggressive 3-5 year plan the ship can be righted. Pulling is alive and well, just look at all the ďbrushĒ local pulling organization there are. Ntpa has prided itself on letting competitors run anywhere. This has killed local pulling where guys at the RN level have to invest GN money in their tractors. Someone on the other board proposed RN SS limits that I personally believe would revive the class at that level. Just because thatís the way itís always been doesnít mean that it has been healthy or right for the longevity of the sport. This the blossoming of the local clubs. WPI does a terrible job of controlling their product. There is no reason any class should be hooking close to 40 times in a summer (LPS). At the end of the day itís an ego contest for pullers. Even with reasonable limits the guy who can outspend will still win, but with reasonable limits everyone has a fighting chance. That more so than the lack of sponsorship is what has killed pulling. There has to be distinct levels. You canít go to your local drag strip and watch John Force run his Funny Car against street rods. You have to go to the big events to see him run. Our national events arenít a big deal because I know year in and year out I donít have to go much further than my local fair to see a few big shots. There has to be a progression from state to GN. Where the GN guys canít come play in the pre-school sand box, and if the fans want to see the big names, traveling to the big shows is worth it.


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