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Unlike the first two games I mapped, this one was short, sweet, and pretty uneventful. Again I missed the time, but it wasn't more than 10-12 minutes, with one delay for a ball change by Leke that I noticed. I also had an issue with buffering that effected parts of 2 points, so I was only able to get the map, which allowed me to add up the points for each player, but not the length or judgments for those points. So there is unknown data that will be marked with a *

Dania Jai Alai--4/10(M) Performance: Game 10--Florida Singles Championship

1-Leke; 2-Diego; 3-Goitia; 4-Erik; 5-ARRIETA; 6-Barandika; 7-Zulaika; 8-Ithurria

Key: # (Player); (n)=(points going into the point); (have changed this for clarity)-# (Player); (n)(ditto)" balls in play; judgments +=winner; -=error; comments: co=cortada; c-c=chic chac; ch=chula; 2W=2 wall carom side to front--to the outside; OP=outside pass

All one ball points are considered aces or faults. A fault is added to the server's total bip, as per the way EITB (Basque TV Network does it).

1-Leke; 2-Diego; 3-Goitia; 4-Erik; 5-ARRIETA; 6-Barandika; 7-Zulaika; 8-Ithurria

1. 1(0)-2(0) 1 Leke + ace: Leke began the game serving high for a high bounce. This seemed to throw Diego off his timing and, though he caught the ball, he threw it too high. On a non-serve this would have definitely been an error.

2. 1(1)-3(0) 1 Leke + ace
3. 1(2)-4(0) 4 Leke - (throws into pad)
4. 4(1)-5(0) 6 Arrieta + (co, Erik got to it but it went "through" his cesta, I think)
5. 5(1)-6(0) ? (buffering issues)
6. 6(1)-7(0) ? (buffering issues)
7. 7(1)-8(0) 1 Zulaika - foul

1-Leke; 2-Diego; 3-Goitia; 4-Erik; 5-ARRIETA; 6-Barandika; 7-Zulaika; 8-Ithurria

8. 8(1)-2(0) 3 Ithurria + 2W
9. 8(3)-3(0) 5 Ithrria + ch
10. *** (possible game point) 8(5)-1(2) 6 Leke + c-c ***
11. 1(4)-4(1) 4 Erik + OP
12. 4(3)-5(1) 2 Arrieta + ch
13. 5(3)-6(1) 7 Arrieta + c-c
14. *** (possible game point) 5(5)-7(1) 1 Arrieta + ace ***


5 (ARRIETA-7) 8 (Ithurria 5) 1 (Leke 4)

Points: 14
Known balls in play 41
Possible game points 2, 1 stopped by a winner, the other won by an ace

Individual scoring *=known scoring

Key: Player; balls in play; actual points won and lost; winners and errors

Leke: 9 (3-2) (+3(incl. 2 aces) -1)
Diego: 1 (0-2) (+0 -0)
Goitia: 2 (0-2) (+0 -0)
Erik: 8 (2-2) (+1 -0)
ARRIETA 9 (4-1) (*+4(1a) -0)
Barandika 3* (1-2) (+ 0* -0*)
Zulaika 1* (1-2) (+0* -1(1f)*)
Ithurria 8 (3-1) (+2 -0)

For the match all players known: (+10 -2)

Summary: Leke, a back playing with mostly forwards, started the game with 2 high soft serves. The bounce did in Diego, who caught it but threw too high. It also beat Goitia. After Erik adjusted and made Leke play, Leke went back to the bench after throwing a rebote winner into the pad. The second player who could have won was Ithurria, who got a good start at the end of the first round when Zulaika gifted him a fault. After two beautiful winners, Leke said NO on the first possible game point with a well aimed chic-chac. The next man in the driver's seat parked the car very nicely. After Erik took out Leke with an outside pass, ARRIETA took Erik out with a chula. Then he won the longest known point of the game (7) finishing off Barandika with a chic chac, and finished with a flair, acing out Zulaika, who had done the acing to win the last Game 10 Sunday afternoon. This was a well played game, with only 1 known charged error and 1 fault, although Diego's return to begin the game would have been an error in any other situation than a service return. The points were short and crisp because most of these players know how to use the back wall to advantage (2 chic chacs, 2 chulas). There were also 3 aces to make 7 (known) of the 14 points. There were numerous other occasions were back wall shots were good, but returned through excellent rebote execution. In the end ARRIETA was too good and too accurate for everyone else.


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