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Ordinary game. 1st one of the 5 I've mapped. Not every game is great all the time. ITHURRIA was good enough in this one.

Dania 3/12(E) G10--Florida Singles Championship

1: Zulaika; 2: Barandika; 3: ITHURRIA; 4: Beitia; 5: Arrieta; 6: Diego; 7: Erik; 8: Goitia

Key: #(Player) (number of points before this point); #(Player) (ditto); balls in play; + = winner - = error; comments

1. 1(0)-2(0) 3 Zulaika+; chula
2. 1(1)-3(0) 2 ITHURRIA+; outside pass
3. 3(1)-4(0) 1 ITHURRIA+; ace. This was a weak ace, as Beitia caught the serve and threw it into the pad. You might call this an error.

4. 3(2)-5(0) 10 Arrieta+; chic-chac. Best point of the game. Arrieta made a nice left wall save during the point.

5. 5(1)-6(0) 2 Arrieta- Throws into the pad.
6. 6(1)-7(0) 6 Diego- attempted 2 wall carom, off the court

7. 7(1)-8(0) 4 Erik- didn't get how. He threw one that passed Goitia but Erik went off the court. As I had no sound at this point (was just happy the stream buffering wasn't too bad tonight), but sound might have helped as Dave hopefully explained what happened.


1: Zulaika; 2: Barandika; 3: ITHURRIA; 4: Beitia; 5: Arrieta; 6: Diego; 7: Erik; 8: Goitia

8. 8(1)-2(0); 5 Goitia+; chic chac
9. 8(3)-1(1); 6 Zulaika+; chic chac
10.1(3)-4(0); 2 Zulaika-; attempted 2 wall carom, off the court
11.4(2)-3(2); 4 ITHURRIA+; chic chac
12.3(4)-5(1); 7 ITHURRIA+; 2 wall carom--left to front
13. ***possible game point: 3(6)-6(1) 1 ITHURRIA+ ace. Again, a weak ace. Diego caught it and threw it too high. You might call this an error.


14. 8(3)-1(3) for 2nd place; 3 Goitia+ chic chac

3(8) 8(5) 1(3)

Number of points actual points: 14
Balls in play: 56
Possible game points: 1, converted on a service ace or gifted on an error. Your choice.

Time of game: between 12 and 15 minutes (I messed up with the clock again )

Individual scoring

Key: player, actual points won and lost; winners (+) errors (-)

1. Zulaika (2-3) (+2 -1) 8

2. Barandika (0-2) (+0 -0) 3
3. ITHURRIA (5-1) (+5 -0) 13

4. Beitia (1-2) (+0 -1) 4 Beitia threw a serve into the pad, could have been (+0 -2)

5. Arrieta (1-2) (+1 -1) 9

6. Diego (1-2) (+0 -1) 4 (Diego threw the final serve of the match into the pad,could have been (+0 -2)

7. Erik (1-1) (+0 -1) 5
8. Goitia (3-1) (+2 -0) 10

Team scoring +10 -4, but if you don't automatically score every one ball point an ace, +8 -6

Summary: After mapping and scoring 4 sparkling games, this one was a clunker. 4 actual errors, and 6 if you don't automatically count one ball points as service aces. The game never got into any rhythm. It looked to me like a Wednesday matinee early game, you know, the ones where the rust from two days off looks like the Tin Man before the oil can. Not every game is a great game. This one was forgettable, but even so, the 8 legitimate winners were very well played. ITHURRIA got his chance in the second round, going up against Betia tied at 2. He beat him with a chic chac, then had one of the two very solid points of the match, beating Arrieta with a 2 wall. Arrieta, by the way, was involved in the 2 longest and best points of the match. Then Diego threw away a serve and it was all over. Beitia took the second place playoff quickly with a chic chac. Barandika, after two consecutive impressive wins, had a very quiet game.


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