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DIEGO comes to the party.

1 Zulaika; 2 Ithurria; 3 Erik; 4 Goitia; 5 DIEGO; 6 Arrieta; 7 Barandika 8 Beitia

Key: # Player (number of points going into the point) # Player (ditto); number of balls in play; judgement + =winner - =error; comments

1. 1(0)-2(0) 7 Zulaika+: 2 wall carom off the cesta of Ithurria, who made a valiant effort on the apron to catch it

2. 1(1)-3(0) 5 Zulaika+: chic chac
3. 1(2)-4(0) 1 Zulaika+: ace. This also could have been scored an error on Goitia, as he caught the serve but then threw too high.

4. 1(3)-5(0) 5 Zulaika+: left pass (2 wall-front to left)
5. 1(4)-6(0) 6 Arrieta+: big bounce left over Zulaika
6. 6(1)-7(0) 6 Arrieta-: throws into chapa
7. 7(1)-8(0) 7 Barandika+; throws beautiful high and soft 2 wall carom that bounces too high for Beitia to return. Looked like a a soft 2 wall commonly used in Remonte (so tantalizing because it is slow, but unreturnable.

1 Zulaika; 2 Ithurria; 3 Erik; 4 Goitia; 5 DIEGO; 6 Arrieta; 7 Barandika 8 Beitia

8. 7(2)-2(0) 6 Ithurria+: inside pass
9. 2(2)-3(0) 4 Erik+: big bounce left
10. 3(2)-4(0) 1 Erik+: ace. This also could have been scored an error on Goitia, as he dropped a simple service that he should have caught.

11. 3(4)-5(0) 4 Diego+: 2 wall after a great apron catch of an attempted Erik 2 wall carom. Turning point of the match.

12. 5(2)-1(4) 1 Diego+ perfect serve. Bounces just over a leaping Zulaika

13. 5(4)-6(1) 5 Diego + Left pass. Arrieta whiffed at the return, but it was a great throw.

14. ***Possible game point: 5(6)-8(0) 5 Diego+ 2 wall carom***

Diego (W)

Playoff for 2nd and 3rd place between Erik and Zulaika:

15. 3(4)-1(4) 1 Erik- over serve

Diego 5(8); Zulaika 1(6); Erik (4)

Actual points: 15
Balls in play: 64
Time of the match: 12:00.
Possible game points: 1. Diego takes care of business.

Individual scoring

Key: Player name; actual points won and lost; +winners v -errors, number of balls in play

Zulaika (5-2) (+4 -0) 14
Ithurria (1-2) (+1 -0) 8
Erik (2-3) (+2 -1--over serve) 8
Goitia (0-2) (0-0) 0
DIEGO (4-1) (+4 -0) 11
Arrieta (1-2) (+1 -1) 8
Barandika (2-1) (+1 -0) 10
Beitia (0-2) (0-0) 5

Total: +13 -2. If you don't automatically count one ball points as service aces, then it could have easily been +11 -4

Summary: DIEGO came to the party tonight, and, after quickly leaving in the first round, dominated in the second. After riding the pines for a long time as it looked like Zulaika was going to dominate, DIEGO came in to face Erik, who looked to be on a winning roll, having taken 2 points with a big bounce to the left that disposed of Ithurria and an ace on a dropped Goitia catch of the serve. When he shot the 2 wall carom against DIEGO, he probably figured the point was in the bag. It wasn't. DIEGO anticipated, caught it on the apron, and fired back his own 2 wall carom from there. He followed that with a perfect serve that aced out Zulaika before he could even begin (great to see as Diego has been having a few problems with his serve in the games I have watched), a left pass that Arrieta waved and missed at, and a nice 2 wall carom on game point that Beitia had no chance against. 1, 2, 3, 4, just like that. Game over. This party ended late (points 11-14).The point against Erik was great to watch. 3/5 of the points consumed 5 or more balls in play.


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