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Suggested name: Ryoma
Sex: Female
Level I: 10 points
Appearance: type iv skin, brown hair, white eyes
Powers: Evolution (limited to water)*; Radar (uncontrollable); Were-Longma*

Suggested appearance: Thick curly hair, pointed chin, high cheekbones, small and petite, white dragon wings.

Suggested personality: Ryoma usually does what’s right and is enthusiastic, but can be close-minded. She has particularly strong language skills, especially spelling and writing, and is also an adept gardener. She struggles with magic.

* Ryoma’s Evolution ability only works when she gets wet.
* A longma is a Chinese dragon-horse. When the moon is full, Ryoma is forcibly turned into a longma.

Please reply to this post with a chosen name and wing appearance and I’ll add her to the DB!

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