Y'know what I need?

Doc with all my updates May 10 - May 18

Another character... even though I super don't... but I've had my eye on this fella for eons and want to play a pirate with a crew (instead of my loner grump Rippy). Can I please adopt Dracerdis?

Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Skin: Black
Wings: Anhinga (made of shadow and fog)

From My Bank:
- Sound Manipulation
- Air Manipulation
- Water Weapon

2 x Point Bundle
[Can we open the other 2 I have to my bank?]

Can we reformat his power list too?
Night Vision
Super Sight
Shapeshifting (panther, rat)
Sound Manipulation
Air Manipulation
Water Weapon

Also I'll use a Tame Predator to buy him a Crested Caracara?
Nina (female Crested Caracara)

Beginning Balance: 2,453$
Purchases: 500$
New Balance: 1,953$

Can Santa Sacks be opened to bank? Or would I have to use a char to open them? Or after Xmas is the only option to sell?

If can open to bank, please open all 5 and send to bank.
If they can only be sold, please sell all 5.
If they have to use a char, please leave in bank. :)

My Stork Baby ended up under the Familiars category in my bank. ;)

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    • point bundles >> -
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