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Time in Britain

The Giving Pot

We’re doing something similar at school atm and I was inspired.

Okay! So unlike a normal raffle, where tickets are earned for various things, each player has been given a pot of ten tickets which they can distribute out to other players. Here are the rules:

- You cannot give tickets to yourself but you can give them to any other player.
- You currently have a maximum of ten tickets which you can distribute out.
- You can choose how, when and who to distribute tickets to, but must observe the following:
-- (1) Each player can only issue one ticket per day. You have to wait a day before issuing a second ticket.
-- (2) When giving a ticket to someone, you must give a reason for it based on something that player has done, either in real life or on site. It can be something as small as “this person chatted to me when I was feeling down” or “this person posted to me and I loved it” but it does have to be for an action rather than just because you love them!
-- (3) You can issue tickets directly to another player by tagging them in the #ticket channel with the reason you’re giving the ticket, or you can issue tickets anonymously by asking a staff member to post for you.
- Tickets can be issued up to the end of Saturday 1st June 8th June. The raffle will be drawn on Sunday 2nd June 9th June.
- On Saturday 8th June, you be able to distribute all excess tickets you may have left to other players at will.

Examples of ticket issuing on the #ticket channel could be:
Giving @Name a ticket for reminding me to do my laundry!
A ticket for @Name for powering through her headache today.
@Name needs a ticket for the post in uplifting which made my day.

Here are the ticket pots as they stand:

  • Alora: 11
  • Aspelta: 5
  • Cali: 10
  • Dema: 9
  • Edel: 9
  • Fennic: 2
  • Innocent: 15
  • Merlin: 6
  • Renny: 4
  • Thorn: 8
  • Wolf: 8
  • KG: 15

Raffle Prizes:

  • Elemental Gift Box
  • Psychic Gift Box
  • Familiar Gift Box
  • Extra Large Gift Card
  • Choice of 5 Power
  • Send to Bank

#1 Renny, for making Fenn giggle
#2 Fennic, for timely gifs and random rolls
#3 Cali, for jumping into plots
#4 Merlin, for pokemon talks and cute drawings
#5 Merlin, for accurate gifs
#6 Renny, for organising the dragons
#7 Aspelta, for sharing lush
#8 Aspelta, for being a literal lifesaver
#9 Aspelta, for helping little Shamanites
#10 Dema, for being an email boss
#11 Wolf, for cute rescue pics
#12 Innocent, for rioting
#13 Thorn, for eurovisioning
#14 Dema, for being uplifting
#15 Thorn, for avoiding the idiots
#16 Dema, for defeating a badger
#17 Fennic, for coming up with weird characters
#18 Fennic, for silly escapades
#19 Merlin, for queening the dungeons
#20 Aspelta, for listenin to the bitchin
#21 Cali, for giving husband sympathy
#22 Dema, for sharing exasperation of the male of the species
#23 Thorn, for trips to the zoo
#24 Dema, for mothering anxious dogs
#25 Thorn, for sensible DnDing
#26 Edel, for doctoring Shamanites
#27 Aspelta, for stress moving
#28 Alora, for wifely duties and saintly patience
#29 Aspelta, for managing craziness
#30 Innocent, for dicking about
#31 Edel, for reminders to read good books
#32 Aspelta, for thread patience
#33 Cali, for wanting
#34 Dema, for protecting birds in her underwear
#35 Innocent, for writing amazing characters
#36 Dema, for powering through the pain
#37 Alora, for writing fab characters
#38 Wolf, for listening to bunny drama
#39 Merlin, for viewing picture spam
#40 Merlin, for being a good friend
#41 Wolf, for helping with pet questions
#42 Thorn, for cheering everyone up with seals
#43 Merlin, for entertaining plot ideas
#44 Alora, for gifting tickets
#45 Aspelta, for juggling and not dying
#46 Cali, for bubbling
#47 Aspelta, for cool site ownering
#48 Renny, for impromptu plots
#49 Edel, for creative plot and character ideas
#50 Cali, for emotions
#51 Fennic, for posting roll
#52 Fennic, for inspiring posting
#53 Cali, for being the welcoming committee
#54 KG, for creating cool characters
#55 KG, for joining
#56 Dema, for thoughtfulness
#57 Alora, for making playboys
#58 Fennic, for posting roll
#59 KG, for making people excited
#60 Renny, for being lovely
#61 Dema, for clever ship names
#62 Dema, for organising the flotillas of Shaman
#63 Alora, for fabulous turns of phrase
#64 Dema, for showing good taste in names
#65 Dema, for writing a wonderful post
#66 Renny, for enthusing about writing and life
#67 Edel, for reasons
#68 Cali, for infallible logic
#69 Fennic, for introducing Cali to Shaman
#70 Aspelta, for new home and job
#71 Dema, for talking about birds
#72 Fennic, for amazing posties
#73 Dema, for the perfect post
#74 Aspelta, for relevant links
#75 KG, for newness
#76 Fennic, for timely post replies
#77 Thorn, for hopping on to say hey
#78 Alora, for not giving up on ramen
#79 Innocent, for doing crazy things
#80 Edel, for helping out distant mums
#81 Dema, for icicle information
#82 Merlin, for handling dnd crazy
#83 Merlin, for keeping spirits up
#84 Cali, for lady posty chats
#85 Alora, for sharing fab garden signs
#86 Renny, for post patience
#87 Renny, for more post patience
#88 Merlin, for writing support ideas
#89 Merlin, for bunny distractions
#90 Thorn, for overcoming gate problems
#91 Aspelta, for putting her kitchen together
#92 Renny, for resilient cheerleading
#93 Thorn,f or hyping potential character returns and plots
#94 Wolf, for making an exciting longma girl
#95 Aspelta, for offering to make htmls
#96 Renny, for book recommendations
#97 KG, for welcomes
#98 Cali, for kindness
#99 Fennic, for ticket generosity
#100 Edel, for sending sundry extracurricular amusements
#101 Dema, for great uplifting posts
#102 Renny, for art help
#103 Merlin, for enforcing work

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