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  • Please note that there is no surname culture on Shaman. You are perfectly welcome to join with a surname, but you will need to use it in the name box whenever you post as your character. :)
  • You can also adopt existing characters from the adoptions board.
{time shall unfold what plighted cunning hides}

{Name: Kit

{Biological sex: Cisgender female

{Hair colour: Redhead. Soft, wavy, and falls to the middle of her back.

{Eye colour: Hazel

{Skin tone: Very fair, almost white

{Wing appearance: Dragonfly

{Physical & Neuro-Diversity & a little history:
Kits body has been her primary source of misery for as long as she can remember -- her shoulders are significantly broader than her hips, and her small breasts have caused her to be mistaken for a man more often than not. She is a towering 6ft with a short torso and, despite her strong shoulders, long twig-like legs. To combat her apparently male-like appearance she always wears her long hair loose and gently styled. She doesn't feel as though her delicate dragonfly wings suit her appearance, and was crushed when she arrived on Shaman and discovered them.

Years of beratement from the people closest to her have caused significant damage to her psyche. She tries to portray herself in a way that's feminine, quiet, and gentle, and when faced with any type of conflict (especially if it's linked to her body) she shuts down.

She desires to be respected by everyone she meets (although she does not think that this can be achieved in any way other than acting like a "lady".). She has an intense desire to learn about the natural world, and can be rather witty when she allows herself to be.

{Your player name: KG

{How you found out about us: Linked through Blossom Forest!

Thank you so much!

    • accepted! -

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