Assignin' stuffffs

Could I use my Familiar Voucher on Badessy?


Also let's assign the Griffin in my bank to Isla and use the +Pet Appearance Alteration to make it a Clockwork Griffin (powered by electricity/steam). She is a female named Eir

I'd like to use the Familiar Formatter in my bank to change her familiar, Envy, into a Barn Owl and my Familiar Recolour to make her blue and white (like the one on the left here). Then we'll use a Database Glitch to rename Envy to Embla.


Next up is Blue! We'll use the second/final Familiar Formatter in my bank to make his familiar, Sloth, into a Laughing Kookaburra. He will be rennamed to Mimir using my second/final Database Glitch.


We'll give Marinette a familiar using my Ordinary Familiar from the bank. Her familiar is male Eurasian lynx named Ife.

I'd like to buy the following things for her to give her a pet Highland Cow named Ionie. She is pale violet and permanently calf-sized but adult (can produce milk, etc.).

Domesticated Pet? (0$)
Appearance Alteration (700$)
Shrink Pet (500$)
Deduct from Bank: 1200$


I'd like to buy a Database Glitch and switch Oliver's name to Salix. Can we please return Oliver to my reserved names list?

Database Glitch (150$)
Deduct from Bank: 150$ (Total Deductions: 1350$)

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