Re(1): Middle East War: Iran's Submarines vs. the U.S. Navy (Who Wins?)

No doubt these midget submarines could prove to be a nasty thorn in a war with Iran, but they don’t seem to have thought this thing through. They could attack the large oil tankers in the Persian Gulf and disrupt the world’s oil supply for a while and maybe even damage or sink one of our Navy’s ships. Then what? Does Iran think for a moment that this wouldn’t result in all-out war? Midget submarines need a home base to operate; they need frequent logistic support. But remember, by this time Iran’s at war with the United States, and our nasty aircraft and missiles are pouring down on their military installations. Bang! The war ends with toppling their government just after they learned that all-out war means just that. I say, let ‘em have fun with their bathtub submarine fleet. It’s like a kid playing with a hand grenade threatening a cop. “All right, kid. Pull the pin. Then what?”

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