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Re(5): Want to Bring the Naval Academy into the 21st Century? Get Rid of Parades

The immature Mid is thinking out of the box, But he really misses a few solid points, and he really does not understand WHY many other countries have LARGE military parades to demonsrate their POWER combined together. His naive thinking reminded me about all those Seamo drills and NAVAL ord and gunnery I sat thru and I told myself many times; "well this might help me to be a better Marine officer - as all our instruction was focused to be a good naval ensign. AND, later as a USMC First Lt I became a Marine Battalion Adjutant, and we were going to have a change of command ceremony ( on the volcano ash flat field on the lower slopes of Fuji-san) So out came my copy of the Landing Party manual and memories of USNA parades ( and a few at Marine Basic school) . I was responsible to arrange planning of the rehearsal and the ceremony AND PARADE> So, all those P-rades at USNA was a model that I used. AS Adjutant I had to give all command to senior Captain in charge of subordinate units of the battalion. I was very proud when i gave single manual arms command ( then repeated by the Captains and when I loudly commanded and going through the manual arms ( a demonstration of our battalion obeying commans as a large team of fighting men) and the very loud sharp crack made when each of thousand rifles being hit by Marines hands. That was a demonstration of military discipline and power for any one to witness. (there were no witnessess but only the particpant) , and they also felt the sense of joint discipline and power together.


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