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an unpleasant gull

This isn't a Muskoka account, but I felt it would be entertaining to share the story. A gull has taken a decided unliking to me where I work. At my office in Barrie, there's a strip plaza across the street from us, with a Giant Tiger, a Fit 4 Less gym and a few other outlets. On the roof there are always a few gulls that nest through the summer. One year a chick fell from the roof before fledging, and the agitated parent(s) dove screeching at anyone who came near it.
This year, I've been dive-bombed by one individual virtually every time I walk up the street for a coffee. I can hear its angry chuck-chuck-chuck and when I look up, it is swooping down at me with a scream. Maybe it's the growing bald patch on the top of my head, or the flopping of what hair is left...but it doesn't like what it sees. Yet I'm about the only person in the neighbourhood who wouldn't happily kill it if the opportunity arose.


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