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Re(6): DVA Specialist Medical Referral.

In addition to the above, an example of over servicing is my experience, last year.
I was receiving treatment at a local physio for right shoulder and lower back damage. The physio convinced me that I needed two X one hour appointments, Mondays and Thursdays, and an extra half hour appointment each Thursday, for assessment by an exercise scientist.
This went on for around three months. Then, mid December, I was presented with a program for the entire 2019 year, every Monday and Thursday, same appointments. After looking briefly at the program, I cancelled the lot.
Point one, was that this was way over the top and very presumptuous. "But you can cancel if you can't make it", was the reply. Prior to 1 July, that was certainly open to abuse if I did cancel. After 1 July, the 'checks and balances' are in effect, which would stop that.
Point two, was that my condition had improved, with daily home exercise, and I did not require anything further and certainly not another 128 hours of expensive $12,800 treatment, (calculated at a conservative $100 per hour).
Point three, is that over servicing is out of control with allied health providers.
Chiropractors are very good at having DVA patients back each week, for 'preventative treatment', or 'maintenance', as they call it. In fact, my GP flatly refuses to give his DVA patients a referral for a chiropractor. He mentioned something about Ned Kelly getting 'strung-up' for less.
Most of those who over service and scam DVA, follow the old saying:
'The greatest power of the healer, is the patient's willingness to believe'.
(In the over servicing case, believe that they need a lot more sessions, paid for by DVA)


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