Puppy Stuffs! <3

From this update:
A female white Husky with blue eyes & purple points named Nani! She has the ability to hold the any of the four elements (earth, fire, water, air) in her mouth as though they were a ball.

And then I'm buying Aspelta's pupper from this update:
A female Newfoundland with powder blue paws & ears named Aquarius! She has the ability to breathe underwater.

Both puppers are going to Cypress (shocking, right? ;])

Can I also buy her a Medium Gift Card just cuz? :3

Fenn's Starting Balance: 14,484$
To Aspelta: 1,000$
Medium Gift Card: 300$
Fenn's Final Balance: 13,184$

Aspelta's Starting Balance: 5,296$
From Fenn: 1,000$ + MGC
Aspelta's Final Balance: 6,296$ + MGC

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