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Re(2): Re: The Re-imposition of the 1994 Assault Weapons Ban

I believe our founding fathers realized that a citizenship unarmed, is dangerous to their freedom Hstory migh repeat itself by having our country somehow fall in the hands of oppressive leadership (like our revolution, french revolution),, It would be wise to never infringe the right to own weapos which they can use to set straight the control of our people. A good example what happened in Germany during the 30s. no one was allowed to own weapons -people were powerless to revolt I recall a statement by Thomas Jefferson about what was happening in France - somethoing like " A little blood must be spilled to assure a people right to freedom." I wonder if that is the crux of why liberals (democrats? are so against to gun ownership. asault rifles are extremely effective in attaining fire superiority and firepower weapons. in a fire fight, gain fire suppression and max firepower help win a fire fight.

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