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Re(1): Court Backs "Faithless" Electors

People don’t seem to have a clue as to how the electoral college works and some (like Cortez) think it is all a scam. Hell, there have been only five presidents in our history whose selection were determined by an electoral college that did not represent the majority nation-wide. In other words, there were enough of the little guys like Maine and Wyoming that they were able to overcome the big guys. If the electoral college were to be abolished, votes of people in states like South Dakota would never count – it would be useless of them to vote. And such inability to have your vote count transcends into the loss of federal projects, military bases and generally federal funding. A number of states (I believe 17) have already signed a pact whereby the signatories have agreed to cast their electoral vote for the candidate who wins the nationwide popular vote – regardless o f the vote of the majority within each of those states. In other words, if the majority in one of those states (say Washington State) votes for the Republican candidate but the nationwide popular vote is for the Democratic candidate, Washington State would throw out all Republican votes because of the pact they signed. Speaking of scams – that, my friend, is a scam – no, more than that, it is fraud!!! (Hopefully, this pact will be successfully challenged in the courts.) So, I contend that if the electoral college is thrown out, the less-populated states can save a ton of money by not participating in national votes because nationwide interests (like selection of president) will be determined by California and New York!!!!


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