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Re(7): Court Backs "Faithless" Electors

As I recall from reading quite a bit of bios on individual founding fathers, an the constitutional convention, the representative were much agaimst popular vote of the electorate as i understiood they did not think the average citizen was not to be astute to make a knowledgable sensible vote, and colony representative were very parochial in guarding the power of their states , and even Rhode Island representative did not attend the convention, and there was the beginning of sectionalism ( nort-soiuth, agragrian-industrial ) a omen of coming politicasl parties. It was a struggle to cionvince "states" to ratify the proposed
constition. A good read on the matter is "Our Lives and our Fortunes & Sacred Honor" (The forging of the American Independance) 1774-1776)" by
Rchard R. Beeman. And, of course, the Federalist Papers. written in support of ratification of the new constition.


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