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Re(8): Court Backs "Faithless" Electors

It's wise to remember that our "Founding Fathers" were inventing a radical concept of what government should be. The Constitution was their second attempt. The government under the Articles of Confederation was their first attempt and it didn't go well. Many modern political hacks like to think they got together and tied up everything in one neat package, but that just isn't so. Until Lincoln, it was believed that the president's cabinet could take a vote and overrule the president, and Abe's famous "Looks like the ayes have it," when he was the only one who voted aye established the modern power of the president. Supreme Court decisions have also defined Constitutional power. My point is, the potiticians who say the Constitution is a changing document are right--up to a point. This ongoing fight about the definiton of the phrase "...shall not be infringed" is going to be an indication of what the future holds. It's my opinion that this current ruling about "faithless electors" is merely a rehearsal by the Left to take on the Second Amendment.


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