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Re(1): The Forgotten Spanish Soldiers

Bill, the story reminded a fellow employee and good friend at the place I worked for 20 years after USMC retirement. He was a little guy and much older man of Polish background. HE was a Polish soldier in 1939 during the onset of WW 2, captured by the USSR when they attacked Poland with the Germans
as a POW later after Germany attacked USSR and USSR allied up the Englan & USA was converted into a member of an independant Polish Armored Brigade later fought against the Germans in Persia, later, fought in Italy as a polish infantry man in the battle for Cassino. He recently died on the job at CAS He had never retired fron CAS (ACS) here in Columbus. Val Metanomsky was a most unimpressive man. an educated Chemist specialist, who on first imprssion on seeing him, reminded you of a gnome. He was a most likeable guy and very lucky man who lived a very adveturist life and survived to old age. He died in his late nineties while never retiring from work. He was a CAS argument agains any charges of age duscrimination.

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