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Re(3): Zombie Sighting Near Witch City

So you were an Indian ghost on stage in 1992? Details please! Stranger things have indeed happened. I recall you playing a Jewish Father Christmas who got machine gunned to death in the 'Tea With Lady Breakneck' drama production.

Let me be among the first to weigh in on the Essex Princess tracks. Very nice and very stylistically diverse. I recognize Johnny Tomorrow from that Kitchen Duty podcast, but its companion piece Milltown Girls has somehow morphed into the totally different Madison Girls. I reckon the Milltown track is being held back.

And to end on a disturbing note, I observe that the pub website has adopted censorship filters. I recently posted about the upcoming Andy P/Robyn H collaboration. Well I spelled Robyn's surname in full, but it appeared on the post with its second syllable replaced by ####! Now that is one overzealous censor. Allow me to demonstrate - What the #### is up with that? Who's the #### who instituted this? ####-a-doodle-doo! See what I mean?


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