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59 years ago

In 1960 the first R A A F Herc left for Nigera to celebrate the Indepdece of that Country previously under French control then England until becoming a independent country, The Australian Government sent 2 Canberra bombers with a Herc. to carry spares etc and servicing personal. Peter? RADFORD. Bill Massey, Pookie Leonard, Doc Davey as crew, we had no loadmaster, so a Lincoln Crew member as a Loadie. Crossing the international date line bill Massey was able to celebrate his 21 st Birthday twice. Fiji, Samoa xyz Hickham Travis St. Louis Scott AFB>Ill. Chorlest N>C Kinley Bemuda. Lagos AFB. Matla R A F and Lagos... cant read my writind...aden ban Cocos Pearce Amberley Acting From Orders From THE AIR COMM> I will throw away my useless pieces of paper.


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