Re(2): Impeachment Nonsense

it sends a message to the voters that the Dem party is fixed in not agreeing to the election results of a president, no matter what he does in office. Impeachment is a blemish on thr political party . Pelosi was right in attempting to stop those in her party. Trump is a very odd president, but one has to look at the results he had created for those blue collar (white collar too) workers - paying jobs , and he promised them in the election run. Those who benefited from the "trickle down" effect (boost big business - get growrth - grow busines grow employee need, salaries, etc, etc) The effect the of impeachment on those voting citizens must be carefully evaluated. Of course, no senate with GOP majority will find him guilty. it might mean the total fragmentation of the democrat from consevative to extreme radical. Pelosi is hampered by socialist radicals in her House.


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