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Rough translation

To Cesar what is of Caesar
Chronicle: MemorialElola


That is the word that best defines the atmosphere that was lived yesterday in zumaia in the hours before the end of the master.
Goico vs. Lopez, Lopez vs goico. Once again the two figures of the village facing the front. On this occasion, on the paper, lópez and egiguren departed as favorites. Irastorza that unfortunately we have not been able to see throughout the summer by injury fell from the poster and instead the young basque of iparralde took responsibility to cover the lagging of the blue couple.

Coincidence I ran into the eve with goico in Toulouse and I told him, -"difficult match for tomorrow". his answer, that with the tranquility and naturalness that characterizes him, shows the positive mindset of a winner. -" I have nothing to lose and a lot to win. They start as favorites, if I lose is expected. The pressure is on his roof ".

But let's go to the stage Fronton Aitzuri, outside the truck of eitb with all its deployment welcomes us (it would be nice to know when they will return the game). Inside the stands almost full, widespread murmur, good atmosphere. They go to the court to warm the 4 Medalists. As we said the great question is in how basque will answer in a game of this level before a couple of the power of Egiguren-López.
Start the game, pull out the blues, subtraction and throw a side to two walls almost perfect. I say almost perfect because goico comes as a bullet at the height of the table 5 and responds with a withering cut. 0-1

Wow! The King starts the plugged match. It's clear that if you want to win you have to do everything perfect Second so much in favor of the blues. It looks good but this has just begun. We are already in the flattery. The Red strategy is evident. You have to remove the game to the blue striker and load the game to basque. The boy defends himself well, in fact he comes grown. It's a pelotari with starter, well prepared physically goes upside down and gives it with joy. But I said, the familiar and the desire are important to a certain point.

We are in 5-5, the scorecard is matched, and from there the set only has one color. The Reds bomb the blue defender who ends up failing or delivering the ball. Go ahead, egiguren looks. What a perfection with the side! Two mathematical walls impossible to arrive alternating with left inside despair of goico. This one tries to force but can't find blanks Lopez back is a machine. I haven't seen in my life greater ease to be on the site, shoot backwards and control the shot. All balls go to the precise site.

It's fulfilled, 15-8 on the first set for the reds.
-" this is complicated tells me iban, from jai alai restaurant in urrestilla, (the name couldn't be more accurate, lol)
-"well yes, something has to change" I answer you.

Indeed, in the second set goico starts to fly (Red Bull gives you wings...) and to impose his law. Basque keeps fighting back in hard balls but now the difference is ahead. With a more alive ball and playing something more delayed goico comes into play. Cut with a lot of speed that die on the ground are irrefutable. Lefts at half height run over the reds. Egiguren and Lopez are overwhelmed.

The public is overturned with his idol. Every time he's going to take the applause are constant and the cries of encouragement warm the atmosphere. It's clear the affection of your countrymen. Gentleman on and off the court has earned it.
The Set advances and with a score of 7-12 looks like it's all said. But you don't have to sell the bear skin before you catch it. Dead Ball, bombing behind, some fails of Basque, Exceptional Lopez with the reverse, egiguren killing and goico without seeing blanks return to the original script. 12-12 the expectation is still standing. So far we have arrived, once again the king makes the difference again. A Red failure allows you to recover your ball and throw them to the right.

We reached the set of playoffs to 5 so many. Some people say it's a face or cross. I think not. In the moments of pressure is where the winning mindset is shown. While some are in doubt and do not dare to risk, others grow.

The Last 5 so many are scandal.
" I'm going "," I'm going "," it's the only thing you hear on the court.
The scene repeats itself over and over again. Goico asks for the ball to his partner Basque, he lets pass the ball and the striker bounces from right to pleasure handing out tow. All amazed.

In 1-3 Lopez tries a side to two walls from the table 9 but both are known enough to surprise goico.

A perfect cut and a right to chic-Chac will feel a vibrant match.

To Caesar what is of Caesar!


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