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You need to be a TPI and have qualifying service and have dificulty in walking any distance, whilst nothing appears to be laid down it appears as if 20 to 50 meters should see you right. The system does not require you have the walking problem as a result of war like activity.

Yesterday as a result of my claim a nice man in a truck dropped of top of the range electric four wheel scooter and whats more it is red in color. Appears to have a top speed of 15km per hour and is very comfortable to ride.

This is part of the new dva program which encourages veterans to use mechanical aids to either get around or to exercise.

First time a bunch of the local neighbors kids were admiring it and I expect will want a ride.

It has transformed by like because the bigger super markets will allow you to drive it inside. My local manager only had a little ride to make sure it was safe for all his customers.

Another thing and I do not know how long this has been going on because of my legs and the difficulty in walking dva now pay for a nurse to attend twice a day for seven days a week and help with showering and getting dressed. My goodness at nearly eighty years of age a young woman showering with me was beyond

I suggest that members feel they would benefit from this expanded program should find out what was available. It does not have to be on the list, I for example having trouble getting out of bed, have a dva suplied hospital bed which makes the task easier.

Best of luck to you all, I suspect that many of us need all the help we can get.


Col t


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