Animal Database contributions

Here are my contributions as per the lottery tasks going on :)

Common Name: Nokk
Type: Mammal
Biome: Ocean
Status: Mythical Water Spirit
Description: Takes the form of a horse with the power of the ocean in the charge of a stallion. The Nokk is a fierce warrior and guards the secrets of the forest fiercely. In order to get past the Nokk, a person must prove they are worthy and earn its respect- an almost impossible task. -from Frozen 2

Common Name: Fire Salamander
Type: Amphibian
Biome: Temperate Forest
Status: Mythical Fire Spirit
Description: Light blue salamander with a purple diamond marking across its back in which flames originate. When set loose, it can set things ablaze by creating beautiful pink and violet fires throughout its path. But when in a passive state, it can create small flickers to help warm any nearby. It's shy at first, but quickly bonds to those who are patient enough to understand it. It's warm to the touch and really likes snowflakes to cool off with. -from Frozen 2

Common Name: Quokka
Latin Name: Setonix brachyurus
Type: Mammal
Biome: Coastal
Status: Vulnerable

Common Name: Niffler
Type: Mammal
Biome: ?
Status: Mythical
Description: Small, burrowing rodent-like creatures with a long snout similar to that of a platypus and a coat of black, fluffy fur. They have a gentle disposition and are attracted to shiny objects and metals that they like to hide in the pouch on their bellies. They are skilled are hunting for treasure, but as such could wreak havoc when let loose indoors. -from Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

Common Name: Axolotl
Latin Name: Ambystoma mexicanum
Type: Amphibian
Biome: Lakes ?
Status: Critically Endangered

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