Few ticket challenges! <3

New Animals for the DB:
1. Name/Common Name: Hydrurga leptonyx / Leopard Seal
Type: Mammal
Biome: Ocean
Status: Low Risk

2. Name/Common Name: Odobenus rosmarus / Walrus
Type: Mammal
Biome: Ocean
Status: Vulnerable

3. Name/Common Name: Lasiorhinus krefftii / Northern hairy-nosed wombat
Type: Mammal
Biome: Woodlands?
Status: Critically Endangered

4. Name/Common Name: Goldhorn
Type: Mythical
Biome: Boreal Forest
Status: Mythical
Notes: A pure white Alpine ibex with golden horns. Said to bring luck when captured and released (but not if injured/killed).

5. Name/Common Name: Delmilleo
Type: Mammal
Biome: Coastal
Status: Shamanimal
Description: The Delmilleo is a big cat similar to a liger; they are extremely big (larger than the average tiger) and typically come in shades of a single color with a pastel base, darker stripes, and super dark, nearly black, lion-like anes (males) and lynx-like eartips (females). While they are predators and may be driven to attack fairies or familiars when starving, they are typically very shy and elusive. When the beaches are busy these creatures often sleep deep beneath the sand, then burrow out to prowl the coast, swim (they are superb swimmers with webbed paws), and hunt during quieter times (usually at night). They are easily domesticated - as long as you keep them well-fed!

New NPC:
Name: Bones
Category: Aides/Antagonists
Description: Bones is a female fairy from Earth, where she had lived as something of a "mountain witch" for the last several centuries. No one really knows how old Bones is - including Bones herself - and her ever-shifting appearance sure doesn't help: every time you look at Bones her appearance will be different, with only her hair color (bleach white), eye color (blood red), and sex remaining the same. Bones now lives in the wilds of Shaman, wandering from dark, untouched space to dark, untouched space. She is known to be a typically benevolent fairy, using her magic to guide the lost home, keeping watch over young and old who have wandered too far, and using her herbal knowledge to heal the ill and injured; she may even arrive at the side of dying animals to ease their passing. That being said, she reacts poorly to threats, violence, or cruelty and may maim or kill if she finds enough reason. She also has an impish side and may pull pranks (especially on those who use her name willy-nilly or doubt her existence).

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