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since tinypic was discontinued, we've lost the descriptions for ghost grass and leech snappers/life sappers. I don't have the original pics on my computer anymore, so I typed up some new text descriptions based on what I could remember :)

Ghost grass is a long black grass with white tassle-like tops. Harvested and crushed, it has the power to ease the pain of the dying and to help them pass on peacefully. According to folklore, dried ghost grass can be hung from the frames of doors and windows to trap the spirits of the dead. Used by those unwilling to let go of their loved ones, and those eager to rid a place of restless spirits.

Leech snappers and life sappers are almost identical in appearance. They have very dark red stems and leaves and their flowers hang from the branches suspended on the ends of small vines. They are found in damp places, like caves and swamps. Leech sappers drink the blood of passing creatures, and can stay attached to their hosts for miles, before disconnecting and returning to the main plant. They leave a nasty itchy mark behind but are largely harmless. The opposite is true of the life sapper. It plants tiny barbs in the skin of its victims with each bite and continue to feed on their host indefinitely. Those infected with life sapper barbs lose all their energy and can die if the barbs aren't removed.

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